Things had been good between Louis and Harry lately. Really good. Ever since the beginning of this year, they went out in public more and stayed a little closer to each other even in the public eye. Neither of them had really been on edge; they had loosened up. They smiled wider. Their eyes would practically disappear as the laugh lines beside their eyes became more visible. They laughed frequently, their whole bodies reacting to the happiness that would surge through them.

It was as if they had slipped into the honeymoon stage all over again, despite the years it’s been since they first got together. Naturally, all the closeness and touching came as second nature, and lately it had gotten fairly ridiculous. Not that either one of them noticed really. It didn’t matter if it was when they were alone, out in public, or on stage. There’d be a small caress here, and a hand on a shoulder there. Playful words would be whispered into another’s ear. There’d be a look, a touch, a smile, a laugh. They were carefree and giddy off each other.

All it took was one almost mistake to crush all of that. It had been on stage too. Harry had leaned over and whispered something to Louis, pointing something out in the crowd. It was something silly and meaningless. Louis grinned and chuckled under his breath at what an idiot Harry could be sometimes, and that’s when it happened.

Louis leaned in towards Harry with the intent to give him a peck on the lips. Realization dawned on him quickly, and he froze. He stopped himself before he even reached halfway, but it didn’t matter. Harry froze too, understanding what had almost happened. They were among hundreds of fans, the majority of them holding up cameras. None of them would have seen what almost occurred because the action was so slight, but they both knew.

There were so many little touches and gestures that were allowed. There were so many and yet hardly any at all. Kissing was off-limits. That was the definition of intimacy. It would insinuate that they were in a relationship, which they were but that knowledge was forbidden. The reality check hit them both like a punch in the gut. The smiles slipped off both of their faces.

Things between Harry and Louis were good—really good—and no one was allowed to know. In turn, they weren’t quite as good as they would have liked to be.

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